Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sorry it's been so long but things around here have been very crazy! Big news: we ran a very very very successful Groupon Ad! We sold well over 400 Groupons! So needless to say the last few weeks have been crazy busy. Let's see other big news: we added a new wholesaler! That's right now you can find our delicious cupcakes (and other goodies) at  Popppy's Ice Cream  in Lee's Summit, MO! Starting Thursday you will be able to purchase cupcakes, cookies and brownies from Kansas City's best little ice cream shop!

Let's see other exciting news....oh, we have almost 400 fans on our Facebook page! So make sure to spread the word, because once we do hit 400 we will be doing another awesome giveaway...and you increase your chances of winning by subscribing to our blog, following us on Twitter and by liking us on Facebook!

I promise that I will be much better about updating the blog from now on!

The Pin-Up Behind the Pastries

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Crazy!

Sorry that there hasn't been much blogging in the past week! We suffered a small set back on the home front! My oldest daughter, Ms. Gracie Girl, was riding her four wheeler when she turned it too sharp and tipped the damn thing over! So, sparing you from all the gory details she has been in the burn unit at Children's Mercy Hospital since last Tuesday...we are hoping to get some news about surgery, skin grafting, etc. by tomorrow so cross your fingers!

Anyway, we took a little bit of time off of doing orders but darlings we are back with a vengeance! We have several Fourth of July party orders and a wedding consultation this week, to name a few! Also, for those of you at Novella's Bistro that are feeling neglected, we will hopefully be all restocked there come next Tuesday!

So I know that I don't normally advertise that I do "elaborate birthday cakes" thing but I do them....every once in awhile! So I figured I would leave you with a couple of shots from some recent party cakes! The first is from a Pink Princess party and it also showcases our newest addition, The Candy Buffet! The second set is from a Shark themed party, so we did a 3D shark with coordinating cupcakes! Enjoy!
Princess Reese's Birthday!
Fins, Life Preservers and No Swimming signs
The Shark Table! 

The Pin-Up behind the Pastries

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holy Cow!

So today started off super uneventful....dropped off some super yummy strawberry shortcake cupcakes off to the ladies at Samuel Rodgers Health Clinic:

Then, made a little trip to Mr. Bulky's candy store to prepare for the a Candy Buffet at a birthday party this weekend! Found a ton of pink candy! I know a little girl who is going to be so excited for it!
I got a call from Sharmin with What you're missing KC! there was going to be a gathering of local foodie bloggers and she wanted to bring some of our cupcakes to the party! So of course we whipped up some awesome goodies for her to take!

*sigh* We then filled a last minute order for a fellow foodie at Dine & Dish! Now it's time to relax! Until tomorrow....then we gotta get back up and do it all again! So excited for this weekend though! We are providing desserts for the 36th annual Independence Arts Association Reception on the Independence Square! We will also have tons of cupcakes and cake pops going out for Father's Day too! Oh and I can't not forget a special Princess birthday party! We are providing a tiered castle cake and doing a candy buffet to compliment it! Should be a busy busy weekend!

Much love!
(the Pin-Up behind the Pastries!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally a day off!

So I am officially taking the day off tomorrow! Absolutely no baking allowed! It has been a crazy weekend. Cocktail cupcakes seemed to be the biggest sellers. We sold roughly eight dozen of those bad boys alone. On an awesome note, we hooked up with a fellow foodie (and cupcake lover) Beth from The Sweet Truths to give her a chance to sample some of our work! We hope she loved them!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh la la!

I love making whoopie....whoopie pies that is! Get your minds out of the gutter! One of my favorite cupcakes has to be Frenchie! She is a delicious little number! Butter Pecan cake swirled with cinnamon and sugar, and of course topped with a maple butter cream! If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can also have a little maple bacon sprinkled on top!

Well, I got a request to turn Frenchie into a whoopie pie! And I will let you guys be the judge on how she looks!

Of course not all the Frenchie Pies are covered in bacon....but this pie is stuffed to the gills with maple butter cream and bacon!

I will also leave your mouth watering with a shot of our Campfire Brownies

(The Pin-Up behind the Pastries)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You like us! You really do!

Hey guys! So glad that you found us! We've had tons of fans ask about creating a blog so....Here it is! I will try and update at least once a day! You can expect to find pictures of our work, specials and just random musings! Also look for links to other happening places around the KC metro area! Thanks for being a fan but it's late and we gotta impress a bride to be tomorrow morning! I will leave you drooling over our Don't Call Me Shirley, Temple cupcake!

(The Pin-Up behind the Pastries)